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May 23, 2018

Red Light Green Light 15-60 minute portable for groups of 4-20+

Red Light Green Light is a portable escape game with a construction theme. Depending on your group size or length of event you can run it for a 1 hour game for groups of 2-6 players or a 15 minute game for groups of 20+ it is that customizable!

We have had over 500 players play this game and they have all loved it! Designed for easy set up in a classroom, board room or meeting hall setting – there are no additional props or decor needed. All 9 puzzle stations are independent but are all needed to finish the final puzzle to turn the red light green. How each group decides to beat each station (as a group or in teams or even individually) is up to them but they all must come together at the end – every station is needed and will test a different set of skills. Logic, tactile, reasoning, observation, basic math – you name it! Recommended ages 14+

Estimated build out cost is under $400.

Stations could be duplicated to scale for large corporate events!

Cost for design and plans is $250USD and includes:

Statewide exclusivity, resets, puzzles, shopping lists, supporting documents and a complete build guide with pictures for ‘box construction’.

We are also available to help with puzzle adaptation and build outs.


For more information or to purchase, contact Michelle Budiwski at

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