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May 01, 2018

The List – 15/30 min Christmas Portable

The List is a 15 or 30 minute (you get both) tech-free (but you do need power) family friendly game that can literally be set up anywhere! Super fun for all ages – a huge hit during the holiday season – non denominational for everyone to enjoy!

With this design you receive:

  • Game Map with intro, story line and reset list
  • Shopping list complete with instructions, links and recommendations for props and puzzles
  • Editable and PDF files of all supporting puzzles as needed
  • State or province-wide exclusivity
  • Support and consulting on puzzle adaptation and build outs

Cost is $250USD for portable game designs. Invoices sent via PayPal and upon payment, all files are drop-boxed directly to you – the very same day!


For more information or to purchase, contact Michelle Budiwski at

STORY LINE: Once again you have made the naughty list! Tired of only receiving coal you are taking matters into your own hands and have broken into Santa’s room to find his nice list and add your name to it yourself!!!



Hi interested, Is there a way to provide what the flow looks like or at least what type of props are required. How many locks/puzzles?? Currently we have purchased some items/props for our Naughty/Nice room. Santa chair, end table, santa desk, fireplace, xmas tree and decorations, book shelf. We have a few puzzle ideas already and want to see what we could incorporate to make this a 60 minute game room.

David Bodsworth

Hi. We are interested in your plans for “The List” portable game. We currently have just one room and are looking into setting something up for a christmas special. We’re thinking of doing this either as a portable game in a tent or at fairs, but also possibly temporarily converting a small room of our existing game and just running it on weekdays or something. This game looks like it could work for us.

Could you give us a bit more info on the amount of puzzles/steps in the game and a bit more of an idea of what they involve? Obviously I don’t expect full details without paying, but if you could give us an idea as to whether it is simple small paper puzzles, or any larger physical puzzles? Also what electrics are required and is it necessary or just visual decoration?



    There are no electronics needed for this room other than a plug in for christmas lights. You get both the 15 and 30 minute versions, there are mutilinear paper puzzles as well as a great integration of christmas decor for puzzles

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