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May 01, 2018

The Seven Seas – 15/30 Minute Portable

The 7 Seas is a 15/30 minute (you get both) tech-free, pirate themed, family friendly game that can literally be set up anywhere! Super fun for all ages – perfect for fairs, festivals and parties!

With this design you receive:

  • Game Map with intro, story line and reset list
  • Shopping list complete with instructions, links and recommendations for props and puzzles
  • Editable and PDF files of all supporting puzzles as needed
  • State or province-wide exclusivity
  • Support and consulting on puzzle adaptation and build outs

Cost is $250USD for portable game designs. Invoices sent via PayPal and upon payment, all files are drop-boxed directly to you – the very same day!


For more information or to purchase, contact Michelle Budiwski at

STORY LINE: Wandering away from your Caribbean tour group, You have stumbled across a deserted pirate camp! A few small treasures have been left behind but you know there has to be more – like a map to buried treasure somewhere on the island! Can you find the map before your group finds you and forces you to share the bounty?


Suzanne Greene

Hi Renee
We are looking for a pop up game for a local Beer and Cider festival. This is all new to us as we have only had our bricks and mortar business open 3 months but people are loving it as its the first in our rural city in central Victoria Australia. Interested in the pirate theme pop up game. Any information greatly appreciated.



We are interested in purchasing the seven seas portable game.


Hello Michelle,

I am interested in “The Seven Seas” 15 minute scenario. I understand that it comes wih the 30 minute package as well. Can you please tell me the number of puzzles involved, I understand that they are non tech puzzles, but can you tell meif they are the visual, mathematic or logic puzzles?

I dont expect you to go into detail of the puzles but I would like to know what style we are purchasing.


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