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May 01, 2018

The Seven Seas – 15/30 Minute Portable

The 7 Seas is a 15/30 minute (you get both) tech-free, pirate themed, family friendly game that can literally be set up anywhere! Super fun for all ages – perfect for fairs, festivals and parties!

With this design you receive:

  • Game Map with intro, story line and reset list
  • Shopping list complete with instructions, links and recommendations for props and puzzles
  • Editable and PDF files of all supporting puzzles as needed
  • State or province-wide exclusivity
  • Support and consulting on puzzle adaptation and build outs

Cost is $250USD for portable game designs. Invoices sent via PayPal and upon payment, all files are drop-boxed directly to you – the very same day!


For more information or to purchase, contact Michelle Budiwski at

STORY LINE: Wandering away from your Caribbean tour group, You have stumbled across a deserted pirate camp! A few small treasures have been left behind but you know there has to be more – like a map to buried treasure somewhere on the island! Can you find the map before your group finds you and forces you to share the bounty?

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