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June 03, 2019

The Soreceress’s Apprentice

INTRO: Although forbidden by the tyrannical king, you have always wanted to be a traveling sorceress, going from village to village, helping, healing, and bettering the lives of the people. You have finally been taken under the wing of a respected sorceress who has promised to teach you. However, before one is able to wield a magic wand and cast spells, one first must master the first six talents of a traveling sorceress; Cartography, Tarot Reading, Cryptography, Communicating with Spirits, Astrology, and Potion Making. Once you are able to prove yourself capable of performing these six arts, you will be bestowed with your very own ability to control the mystic arts and bend them to your will. The Sorceresses has left you to your studies while she makes her rounds to the nearby villages. However, you have just received word that the king has located your camp and is on his way to arrest you. He will be here in 15 minutes. You cannot outrun his horses, so your only hope is to master the six arts quickly, and use your newfound powers to hide yourself.

With this design package you will receive:

– Game map and guide
– Shopping list with links for purchases and build instructions
– photo guide
– reset list
– assistance with build out and adaptations
– state or province wide exclusivity!

This game has been well received by hundreds of players of all ages! This is a family friendly game for groups of 2-6 players that can be played in 15 minutes or adapted for longer play!

The costs for building will be under $300 and requires no tech so it can be set up anywhere! This is a non-linear play game so individual puzzles can be adapted and customized any way you choose! Other than reselling the design in part or whole – it is yours to play with!

Payment is made via PayPal and files are sent through Dropbox!

Contact me for more information at

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