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May 01, 2018

Through the Looking Glass – 1 hour

Through the Looking Glass is an Alice in Wonderland inspired family friendly room that was originally designed as a linear game in a single room for groups of 2-6 players. Geared towards family it quickly became a favorite for all of our players and we had over 2000 through it in our Brandon location before it retired in March 2018.

With this design you receive:

  • Game Map with intro, story line and reset list
  • Shopping list complete with instructions, links and recommendations for props and puzzles
  • Editable and PDF files of all supporting puzzles as needed
  • Introduction Video for players
  • 1-hour Background sounds and ambience
  • State or province-wide exclusivity
  • Support and consulting on puzzle adaptation and build outs

Cost is $500USD for 1-hour game designs. Invoices sent via PayPal and upon payment, all files are dropboxed directly to you – the very same day!

For more information or to purchase, contact Michelle Budiwski at


You have followed the white rabbit through the looking glass and down the rabbit hole. Now he has disappeared and you are trapped in the Mad Hatter’s tea party! Without him to guide you back, you need the rabbit’s watch and 7 magic tokens – can you find them before the looking glass disappears and you are trapped in Wonderland forever?

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